ATW Wishlist

Accra Theatre Workshop was founded in 2013 to help bridge the gap between amateur and professional theatre in Accra by increasing opportunities for free training and paid production experience.

In our efforts to support young artists and new work, we need some support ourselves!

We are also fundraising to finish our new space in Dzorwulu. This is a new green, sustainably built and operated space for performance situated in a very convenient residential neighborhood in Accra. We have successfully installed the main structure and need funds to complete finishing on the inside so that we can be fully operational by our planned opening date of September 2016.

If you are able to contribute any of the following items, please contact us by email at

Accra Theatre Workshop Wishlist

PA system (monitors, speakers, wireless mics+ receivers, audio mixer)

LED stage light system (pars/profiles, pinspots, dmx, trees, light board etc.)

1080p Video Projector

12′-16′ Outdoor Projector Screen + Stand

Fog machine

Photo+Video equipment (DSLR with HD video capability, tripod etc.)

5000 Watt Portable Solar Generator (plus panels, inverter etc.)

Individual solar lights for outdoor use

4’x8′ plywood sheets at 5/8″ thickness

Wooden pallets

Please contact us for further details, and for information on how to assist us.

Invest in art. Invest in the future.

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