ATW One (and a 1/2) Year On

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Photo by Des Clarke. Copyright 2014

One year on, how far?

ATW is a passion project, we have a big vision, and we’re trying to lay solid groundwork for it. Build a sustainable business model for what we want to do, because we don’t always want to rely on sponsorship and grants, we believe that we can make a difference and earn a living while doing so.

We want to help bring back that vibrant theatre & arts culture, and also play with different forms, make new forms, collaborate, and grow as a scene.

Has it been an easy process?

It’s been a challenging one, but very rewarding. We’ve managed to do the work that we set out to do, but getting there, getting through the work is challenging because of money and attitudes. The work really speaks for itself. In light of that we’ve been able to start growing a small consistent following.

What are the next steps for ATW?

We’re actually coming to the end of our piloting phase (with regards to content). We’ve experimented all year, seeing what works and doesn’t work logistics wise, with regards to people and training etc. We’ll be taking a slightly different turn next year, where we’re still experimenting, but we’re finding a middle ground between what has been done here traditionally on the mainstage and the kind of alternative work we want to pursue. We believe strongly in collaboration, so we’re excited to build working relationships with some people whose work we’ve admired from afar.

The next project is pretty alternative…

Dwennimmen. It’s a devised performance based off the Adinkra symbol, the ram’s horns. We’re taking something from a very traditional, very Ghanaian place and layering it with all sorts of modern and contemporary imagery from different parts of the world, different cultures, different voices.

What should people expect?

Very strong imagery, it started out pretty heavy but now there are quite a few fun bits. When you’re devising a piece like this you never quite know what to expect, even as a creator. We’re excited for people to see it.

Dwennimmen premieres on December 17th & 18th at the Nubuke Foundation in East Legon. For more information, please visit the event page on Facebook by clicking here.


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