Ake: The Years of Childhood (Soyinka at 80)

The structure of the adapted version of Ake, written by Gbontwi Anyetei, pulls major elements from the childhood memoir of award-winning Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka. The piece is threaded together by the coming of age of a young Wole Soyinka. We start at a point of his childhood curiosity and by the end of the play, the audience becomes privy to Soyinka’s growing personal awareness of his surroundings as well as the politicization of the adults around him.

The production seeks to capture the essence of the town of Ake in a 360-degree style set, consisting of replicas of the town’s rocky landscape, housing structures and major landmarks.

We’re excited to have many old faces on the cast & production team of this play, including Gbontwi Anyetei (An African walks into a Psychiatrist’s Office), James Brown (Stereo Love), Jamal Shaibu (Dreamscape; Stereo Love). There are lots of new faces as well!

We hope to see you at this show, commissioned by the Lumina Foundation, Mmofra Foundation & the Center for Intellectual Renewal.






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