Featured Group: Act for Change


We are a group of young people from Ga-Mashie (James Town), Accra and we use interactive and popular theatre as a means of communicating to the public on issues that affect us.

Jamestown is a densely populated area where the youth are vulnerable to teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS and unemployment. Act for Change focuses on using interactive theatre as an advocacy tool in order to address the daily abuse of rights experienced by the youth in our community. While Ghana has had a reported success in bringing down HIV rate through education and advocacy, in communities such as James Town teenagers and other young people are particularly vulnerable to relationship and domestic violence, HIV and AIDS and other STIs and Human Rights Abuses. Therefore, much more work still needs to be done. 

Our mission is to effect behaviour change and improve the quality of life using the tool of interactive theatre to communicate social developmental concerns.

Our constituents include young people aged 8-35 years living in the Jamestown area and environs as well as the people in the wider Ga Mashie community. Particular emphasis focuses on supporting young people living in deprived  communities who are experiencing disadvantage due to poor education, poverty, domestic and sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and unemployment, which are highly common in the communities. 

Act for Change also offers a range of programs and projects, including training, talent development, advocacy, and community development.


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